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Shut Down II

No major changes to the shut down information.

The FAA has found some money and plans to continue business as usual through Monday 10/2. If the shut down continues then we can expect an orderly shut down starting Tuesday 10/3.

If we go into a shut down, which appears likely at the moment, please track your pay. That includes all premium pays, night, OJTI and Sunday pay. They should get it right but they probably won't.

If we go into an extended shut down WE plan on getting information out to the flying public at HOU and IAH. If you can help it would be appreciated. Please see IA if you are willing to help.

As of now the FAA doesn't view BWS negotiations as excepted work so we can expect more delays to that.

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30 sept 2023

Don't we usually start bidding in early September at the latest? What happened? This could mean that we stay on our current days off thru early 2024 without annual leave bid or planned?

Me gusta
30 sept 2023
Contestando a

Most of the Houston district is stalled right now because the GM has issues micromanaging. We are working it at the district level and above, hopefully there will be some progress soon.

Me gusta
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