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Shut down / Furlough

A lot of people have been asking questions we didn't have answers to.

There will be a rep call Monday and they should let us know where we're at.

Assuming Congress doesn't get an extension or come to an agreement by then.

It there are any specific questions y'all would like asked, please write them here in the comments so we can ask them.

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Sep 28, 2023

If I call in sick one day, will I be charged sick leave or be put on furlough status for that day?


Sep 28, 2023

How did rep call go? Any answers?

IA 🌽
IA 🌽
Sep 28, 2023
Replying to

Shut Down

The shut down is coming. We are expecting an orderly shutdown (whatever that means) October 2nd. At this time it means, the office people and non-essential personnel will come in for 4 hours to clean up and shut down.

GEFTA is the law that was passed on the heels of the last extended shut down. It guarantees us back pay but doesn't extend us the dignity of being paid in a timely manner for our work that we have already provided.

Our next paycheck on 10/3 shouldn't be effected.

NATCA doesn't support work actions, so please take leave in accordance with our CBA. That being said technically if you take leave you will be placed into a furlough…

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