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Kayla's DRC Story

I noticed a small stream of water near my front door on my Ring while on Vacation in February 2021. A neighbor checked on my house to find water pouring from all of the exterior doors. They were able to break in and shut off the water, but not before major damage was done. Three pipes in the attic burst creating waterfalls from the ceiling. I watched on Facetime as she swooshed through water trying to inspect the damage for me and come up with a plan.

The winter storm in Texas created havoc throughout many homes and our aviation system. My flight was cancelled. I spent the next 36 hours trying to get a flight home. I was in a bit of shock when I got home to find my ceiling had collapsed above my bed and closet. The hallway walls were torn apart. This was just the damage I could easily see.

Within a couple days, I had dehumidifiers and fans on full time throughout my entire home provided to me by the DRC. On the day of demolition, I had so many NATCA members who volunteered, I was running out of jobs for them. Within a few hours, they had taken out walls, removed carpets, removed the ceiling, pulled baseboards and gutted a large portion of my first floor.

Demolition and construction crews were hard to come by as so many Texans were in my unfortunate situation. It took nearly 8 months to get my home back. I will forever be grateful for the DRC and my NATCA brothers and sisters. It was a very stressful situation that was soothed by aid and support. I can only imagine the problems that could have been created to my home had they not acted so quickly in tearing out the damage and bringing us the necessary equipment to dry the home out.

Forever grateful,

Kayla Flores

I90 Controller

Three more days left for the regional DRC Fundraiser, we're 75% of the way to our goal! Please take thirty seconds and give a couple dollars per pay period to help get ahead of the next disaster.

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