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East Bidding Paused - RDO Shuffle

East Area leave bidding is now paused pending any RDO shuffles that are taking place.

Joe Wright (SX) has tentative plans to retire at the end of the year (Congratulations!). He has graciously agreed to swap RDOs with anyone on the schedule. To do this properly, we need to check with everyone that may also want those days in the order of seniority.

Multiple Swaps aren't ideal, but it is the only way to help our members without harming others.

Why not rebid? We need to maintain the integrity of our RDO bid. Our people deserve a stable and predictable process. We will not stand for anyone being forced off of the days off that they originally bid.

We will keep swapping SX with anyone interested, provided those above them in seniority that did not have a chance at the RDOs in question do not want them. Contact Barry Coates if you are interested in swapping.

This process will continue until noon on Thursday. RDO swaps will then be closed until the bid concludes.

We appreciate everyone's patience!

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Seems to me if anything…it would allow people to get better days or stick with what they bid (their choice). Doing RDO swaps seems like a tedious venture, and since we haven’t bid prime time yet, it seems like a perfect opportunity to just get it done before it affects anyone. I think everyone would agree. That being said. I am interested in those days. 😉

Sep 27, 2022
Replying to

I don’t think it would be legal to scrap our old bid and redo it completely. Anyone that may be forced off of their original days would have a very legitimate complaint.

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