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Doors, Standups, TRACON and team brief.

The doors to the TRACON and all the other doors have been open for the last couple years because of covid. There is a push to get back to normal and stop suspending the rules like we had been. Most doors have been shut and you will need your badge to get into the TRACON once you're in the building. Please don't prop the doors open that require a PIV to get through. Morning Stand Ups will begin tomorrow morning. They should start small. If you notice them being a distraction or getting too loud, say something. Please. They should be mapping the TRACON back to the way it was before. If you notice any problems that haven't been fixed, say something. Finally team briefs have started up again. They won't be as big as they used to be. At first they're not going to be every week, but everyone should be seeing one every pay period. If you have any other questions please ask. Respectfully, I90 NATCA Eboard

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