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Bidding Early Next Week

We're planning to start bidding early next week (Monday afternoon or Tuesday Morning). Expect a link to the spreadsheet over the weekend for your review. There have been several updates to the MOUs. We'll send them out next week and brief everyone.

Answers to some common questions:

We'll have 7 AWS lines in each area (all seven split 2/1/2 as we do currently). 10 Hour core shifts will be the same, with the addition of a 0645X and a 1200X. If bidding on a 10 Hour line, plan to work the mid-day shifts primarily. There is no guarantee of a late start or early end.

Each area will have a line of straight days on Sat/Sun and a line of consecutive nights on Fri/Sat.

Flex times for all of our current shifts remain the same. We also added two new shifts that have increased flex for fatigue mitigation. Expect more on that after we sign the agreements on Monday.

Thanks again for your patience! We'll be sending out more information over the next few days.

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