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1/13 Update

Brothers and Sisters, Here's what's been happening locally over the last couple weeks... New App/Website: Clay has been hard at work developing our new website and associated app ( For those that haven't checked it out, please go and make an account. For those not interested in the social media aspect, there will be an area exclusively for eboard notifications (which will also be pushed via the email that you use to register) as well as NATCA resources and links. This will be our primary way of communicating starting next month. COVID: We've had a constant barrage of cases over the past couple weeks. Thanks for everyone's hard work and patience as we've dealt with contact tracing, working short, and six day weeks. There's a "Local Information" section of the new website with a Covid Resources folder that we'll keep up to date. If you have any questions about OWCP or EA for testing/vaccination, this is a good place to start. Training/Class Suspension: OJT and all classes remain suspended. The OJTI class that was scheduled for later this month has also been canceled. In accordance with Article 67 of the contract, all trainees will be getting spool up time once we go over 30 days of training interruption. This is reviewed weekly, but we anticipate at least another 2-3 weeks of suspension due to our current trends. Upcoming Meeting: We've been trying to get a membership meeting scheduled, but feel it isn't responsible with our current COVID outlook. Hopefully we'll be able to get an in person quarterly meeting scheduled for late January or early February. NCEPT Deadlines: Tuesday, January 18th is the last day to submit ERRs prior to the deadline for the February NCEPT panel. That's all for now, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Respectfully, I90 NATCA Eboard

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